Why Canelo Mobile Apps are a game-changer

Let´s be honest, we all want to have the ultimate cellphone that makes our life easier and can keep us in contact and connection with the important people in our lives. So, why Canelo Mobile preloaded apps are a game-changer in your next cellphone? Keep reading to know all the details!

Do you often forget to pay on time for your mobile plan? Well, that´s over! With Canelo Mobile Services app, you´ll get the help you need to make payments, enroll in Auto-Top, check your usage, and more, all from this preloaded app that comes with your brand new Canelo Mobile.

Another app that comes with any cellphone, whether you choose to get The Champ or The Legend, you´ll be able to enjoy the ICAN App. This app will be your next best buddy when it comes to achieving your fitness goals since it offers you nutritional plans and workout routines aiming to keep you motivated and staying healthy. Get the body of a true champion with the help of Canelo Mobile!

Remember that being part of Team Canelo all family members can enjoy its benefits, and that´s what the CaneloRx App is for. This incredible app comes with discounts across the country that helps families with medical expenses by providing discounts on prescriptions. Get healthy and stay calm while enjoying your champion cellphone.

Is there more from Canelo Mobile? Of course! With Broxel App, you can make easy money transfers between the USA and Mexico. How about that? And with Fortress App you can be sure to have theft protection to replace your phone if stolen, so you´ll never stop being part of Team Canelo.

Still doubting about getting your own Canelo Mobile? Maybe you just purchased a brand new cellphone and you don´t want or can´t change your device just yet. But luckily for you, there´s the option of BYOD (bring your own device) so you can still all the benefits previously mentioned and be part of Team Canelo, all at once in your own device!

Get into the champion realm and start being as connected and communicated as a true winner must be, and convince yourself today of all the benefits and advantages of having your very own Canelo Mobile, created especially for you by professional boxer and world champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez!


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