Know more about the Canelo Mobile Experience

Canelo Mobile is much more than just getting a new cellphone. When purchasing one of our devices you´ll be able to enjoy a lot of exclusive benefits that no other cellphone brand can give you, and also taking into consideration that this brand was created by Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez himself!

When you get a Canelo Mobile device, it´ll come along with a special letter written by Canelo just for his team, the Team Canelo members. Also, you´ll enjoy different apps that come preloaded on any of our devices, that offers a lot of benefits and advantages so you can stay connected with those who matter the most.

Don´t you find it frustrating when you´re trying to reach your friends and family members and you run out of data? With our different plans that will not be a problem anymore, since you can choose between 3 different options according to your needs.

Now more than ever is a priority to stay in communication with our family members since we can´t be physically close due to the actual worldwide situation. That´s why Canelo Mobile is more than just a simple cellphone, it offers you the chance to always reach those you care for, and not only in the USA but also in Mexico and more than 60 other countries. That´s incredible!

Having a high-quality product made by your idol makes it extra special, and using this product will make you feel closer to Canelo himself since you´ll be part of Team Canelo, as we previously mentioned.

Besides the two amazing cellphone device options, The Champ and The Legend, you can get exclusive Canelo Mobile accessories such as headphones, hats, and many more! Get into the experience and check out our Shop section to get amazed by all the high-quality products we have for you.

But what if you just bought a brand new cellphone before knowing about Canelo Mobile? That will not be a problem since you can BYOD (bring your own cellphone), that means that you can enjoy all the benefits with a Canelo Mobile SIM card in your unlocked cellphone (check if you can unlock your cellphone in our website section Plans).

If you still have your own doubts about being part of Team Canelo, we invite you to check our website so you can get all the details about the different plans you can choose, features of your devices The Champ and The Legend, details about Accessories, and much more. Get into the Canelo Mobile experience today!


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